Hokuriku Region

The Hokuriku region is the northwestern part of the main island of Japan. It lay along the Sea of Japan and due to its elongated shape, and the Noto Peninsula jutting out, the region is known as a 'rising dragon'. The Hokuriku region has the highest volume of snowfall of any inhabited and arable region in the world.

Cities, Towns, and Villages

Katsuyama City

Fukui Prefecture

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  • Kanazawa City

    Ishikawa Prefecture

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  • Takaoka City

    Toyama Prefecture

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    Why KORYOYA houses?

    The traditional Japanese houses listed on KORYOYA for sale are all built before 1950 with the traditional construction method which is the result of more than a thousand years of past carpenters passing down their efforts and wisdoms.

    As no new houses can be built with the traditional construction method under current law, the high craftsmanship is in danger of becoming a dying art.

    Flow & Services

    The purchasing flow and the types of services you may need depends on factors such as where you live, your ability to communicate in Japanese, and your intended use of the property.